Encyclopedia / Desert Edition / Coachella Valley

Encyclopedia (Desert Edition) is an artificial intelligence (AI) that generates one-of-a-kind encyclopedic entries for fictive animal species mutations, all made extinct by humanity. The species below is generated for you. Show more ...

The AI prints these entries in editions of one on library catalogue cards. These cards serve as both stand-alone text pieces and gentle reminders of the state of the planet. The algorithm analyses the content of sources such as the Encyclopedia of Life (http://eol.org), which describe actual existing species (extinct and still living) and then randomly combines and modifies categorised sentences (behaviour, appearance, habitat etc.) into new species/cards – each entry unique. For Desert X a special edition is made, for the unique ecology of the Coachella Valley. This edition is both presented on the website, giving the public the possibility of receiving a species digitally, as well as physically on site.

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